The Ekocentrum provides enviromental education as well as teaching and consultancy in the field of biodiversity. Declining public interest in the environment and low knowledge about biodiversity are the cause for the lack of awareness of the importance of biodiversity for humans and the place of humans in nature. Restoring public interest regarding this issue should become our primary task both in terms of conservation of biological diversity, as well as for preserving the human race.


The Ekocentrum objectives are to awaken and strengthen people’s harmonious relationship to the environment, all life and other people and for finding the path to themselves. It seeks to increase the availability of information on biological diversity for the general public, based on the principles of sustainable development.

Training Programs

The Ekocentrum performs educational events for the public and especially for kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools. We have prepared a number of educational programs.

We also provide

  • Short training programs for kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools and long training programs for groups
  • Consultancy services in the field of biodiversity
  • Advice on MA21, biodiversity and TUR
  • Consultation on graduation, Bachelor- and Diploma works


Václav Brožka
mobil: +420 777 551 893
e-mail: ekolog@zoopark.cz